Xaba’s manufacturing platform will provide intelligence to industrial robots and machines enabling innovative manufacturing processes

TORONTO – February 16, 2023
– Xaba, developers of the first AI-driven robotics and CNC machine controller, today announced it has closed a round of seed funding to bring to market AI-driven fabrication processes and intelligent autonomous machines. The funding round was led by Hazelview Ventures with participation from Whiteshell Group Inc. The funds will be used to accelerate the development of two Xaba manufacturing platforms, launch pilot programs, and grow the team across sales, deployment, and customer support.

The robotics market is changing rapidly and driving significant market interest in the adoption of intelligent, autonomous robotics systems and innovative new materials for use in manufacturing, transportation, and logistics. In addition, companies are increasingly demanding intelligent robotic systems that are more accurate and can easily be applied to existing manufacturing operations. Xaba’s innovative approach transforms robots used in manufacturing today into fully intelligent, self-directed systems that can automatically optimize, adjust, or change the design flow to incorporate the various constraints typically found within mechanization.

“Xaba lowers the barriers to adopting new manufacturing technologies, materials, and approaches,” said Massimiliano Moruzzi, CEO of Xaba. “For the first time, robots used in manufacturing will be able to consider all elements of execution in the process, which will ultimately reduce reliance on human supervision.”

Xaba has two manufacturing platforms – xCognition and xTrude – which use proprietary, state of the art industrial artificial intelligence (AI) to provide consistency, robustness, persistently high execution quality, and autonomy to eliminate the need for constant human supervision, reprogramming, and waste, factors that significantly impact the return on investment of any major manufacturing or construction process.

xCognition is an AI driven control system, in essence a true industrial robotics Digital Twin, it captures and models the physics of industrial robotics systems (elastic, dynamic, mechanical, tooling), and it enables any robotics system to execute tasks such as drilling, welding, assembling, riveting, laser, data acquisition and more with maximum accuracy, repeatability and minimum programming and human supervision.

xTrude is an AI-driven control system for FDM processes that enables the successful 3D printing of large functional parts while dramatically reducing failures such as de-lamination, collapse and distortion.

xTrude uses a machine learning model paired with a process control user interface to model the physics of an FDM process. It automatically computes optimum values for dominant process parameters such as flowrate, feedrate, extrusion temperature, bead width & height and layer-to-layer adhesion temperature for every NC block along the entire printing trajectory.

Xaba has partnered with leaders in the aerospace and automotive industries on disruptive projects in the U.S., Canada, and Europe to validate its manufacturing platforms with users. For Project Arrow, the all-Canadian electric vehicle, Xaba produced the world’s first 3D-printed chassis. This technology is also being used in the development of a flying car. Once available commercially, xCognition and xTrude will enable manufacturers to evaluate, adopt, and deploy intelligent automation in a much shorter time with a substantially higher throughput and increased sustainability.

“Xaba’s novel automation, manufacturing and advanced materials technology is very compelling, such that we believe they can have a great impact on the construction industry,” said Roger Poirier, co-founder of Hazelview Ventures. “Consistent with our investment strategy, we are looking forward to working with Xaba to unlock the full potential of their technology as it relates to sustainable construction.”

Hazelview Ventures a wholly owned subsidiary and venture arm of Hazelview Investments Inc., is a Toronto based Real Estate owner and developer that manages CAD$11.8 billion in real estate assets and has a $10.9 billion development pipeline. Hazelview Ventures focuses exclusively on partnering with innovative, early-stage PropTech, BuildTech, and CleanTech companies that can be leveraged throughout their real estate portfolio and development projects. In recent years, increased automation capabilities and improved sustainability have become key objectives for the construction Industry. Xaba’s technology has the potential to significantly improve sustainability in all aspects of construction & development, including automation enabling prefabrication, waste reduction and sustainable materials. 

About Xaba
Toronto-based Xaba develops new processes, control systems, and materials that automate and enable sustainable manufacturing. Its intellectual property uses artificial intelligence (AI) to control industrial robots and enable additive manufacturing machines to synthesize new materials or create true digital twins. Such applications have the potential to disrupt current business models, determine new manufacturing processes, and create new materials. For additional information, visit xaba.ai.

About Hazelview Ventures
Hazelview Ventures is a venture capital business focused exclusively on partnering with innovative, early-stage PropTech, BuildTech and CleanTech companies. Beyond simply providing funding, Hazelview Ventures offers entrepreneurs the ability to test, refine and scale at an enterprise level, while optimizing the management of Hazelview’s real estate properties and investments.

About Hazelview Investments
Hazelview Investments has been an active investor, owner, and manager of global real estate investments since 1999 and remains committed to creating value for people and places. Hazelview employs a global investment and asset management team of more than 70 people in its offices in Toronto, New York, Hong Kong and Hamburg and manages 11.6 billion (CAD) in real estate assets. To learn more visit hazelview.com.


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