TORONTO, October 19, 2022

Xaba is a software and advanced engineering start-up focused on developing and prototyping innovative hardware and intelligent automated fabrication solutions for industries including automotive, construction, aerospace and more. The company’s next generation solutions solve three key challenges and opportunities in the manufacturing sector, i.e., the need for highly accurate robots; the need for intelligent automation to reduce the requirement for human supervision in manufacturing; the need to drive more sustainability in manufacturing by eliminating the waste resulting from human errors, inaccuracies in manufacturing, and by enabling the use of more sustainable materials.

The first application of their technology has been utilized in the development of Project Arrow, Canada’s first zero emissions concept electric vehicle. Xaba developed the technology / IP to enable the 3D printing of the Project Arrow vehicle. Xaba owns patents for the unique process, which combines composite polymer materials with metals, and the machine technology (an intelligent, large-scale additive manufacturing machine) used to facilitate the 3D printing of this vehicle. Project Arrow is being revealed October 19th at the APMA (Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association Conference).

While the first application of their IP is in  automotive, shareholder and partner, Hazelview Ventures, foresees great potential in leveraging Xaba’s IP to create future efficiencies and environmental benefits in their construction processes. “Our team is really excited to work with Xaba on our development projects,” said Hazelview Ventures Co-Founder, Roger Poirier. “We have begun these conversations with our development team and have identified multiple use cases that could have material impacts on our sustainability metrics, costs, supply chain management, and more.” This partnership aligns with Hazelview Investments goals to engage and invest in efficient, and sustainable development practices.

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